Hello, my name is Kent Williams, thanks for dropping by! This is my first ever blog post. After many years I finally decided I’d give this whole blogging thing a try. I’ve always considered doing it, but never made the leap for one reason or another. I don’t have any major plans or expectations, other then to see if I enjoy doing it. I’m less interested in having a popular blog, and more interested in having a conversation about the topics I write about with my readers.

So what do I plan to write about? That’s a good question, I’m not all that sure yet. My plan as of now is to write about the things that interest me most at the time of writing. I’m a software engineer, entrepreneur, and investor. I’ve founded startups, shutdown startups, and worked for startups. It’s pretty likely you’ll see me writing about something related to those activities, but I’d also like to write about completely new topics for the purpose of learning, investing, or just plain fun.

I plan to write one article a month. If you’d like it delivered via email then subscribe below. Feel free to reach out using the contact form on this site or @k3ntw on twitter.