Detect Core

May 12, 2024


Despite LoRaWAN’s potential, many people don’t know what it is or what it can do. When it comes to creating a connected device, Wi-Fi, BLE, or Cellular are often the go-to options. This preference is not because they’re the best fit, but because they’re familiar and easier to use. This trend is partly due to the need to set up a private network or access a public one. Moreover, setting up the various layers of the LoRaWAN network stack or finding a service provider can be daunting. While some companies are making this process simpler, there is still much work to be done.

To address this, we must demonstrate the technology’s benefits with a seamless, no-fuss experience. I believe a quality mobile app paired with a practical, low-cost device can best deliver this experience. With this in mind, I’m introducing a new project to iterate on this. The device, Detect Core, is a compact, battery-powered environmental LoRaWAN sensor. It also allows you to test network coverage in real-time with the app, a key feature when relying on existing LoRaWAN coverage instead of deploying your own.

If you’re interested in trying this experience and helping shape the project’s future, sign up for updates on the website.

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